NavOn Services

NavOn helps people of all ages move forward. Our experienced assessors and therapists help people overcome mental health problems, heal from abuse and trauma, cope with interpersonal and family conflict, survive separation and divorce, adjust to their gender identities and sexual orientations, and more.

NavOn councellor speaking with a client
Separation and Divorce

Parenting Plan Evalua­tions

An assessment & recommendations about parenting time and decision making to assist parents, lawyers, & the Court about the best interests of the children.
Separation and Divorce

Family Therapy for Parent-Child Contact Problems

Child & parent family therapy for resist & refuse & contact problems. Restore contact & relationship between child & parent after separation or conflict.
Separation and Divorce

Voice of the Child Reports (VCR)

Learn about your child’s views, perspectives, & preferences for consideration for making decisions & plans about parenting time after separation & divorce.
Separation and Divorce

Family Mediation

Family Mediation helps parents resolve a dispute after separation & divorce. Family dispute resolution helps with parenting time and decision making.
Separation and Divorce

New Ways for Families® (NWFF®)

NWFF® is an evidence-informed program for families experiencing conflict after separation & divorce. Skills to reduce conflict & improve communication.
Separation and Divorce

Parenting Coordina­tion

Implement a parenting plan after separation & divorce. Parenting arrangements for divorced parents. Meet with a Parent Coordinator to resolve conflict.