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Building a Deeper Understanding of Self-Harm

This session will support clinicians in identifying and delivering evidence-based treatments for self-harm.Did you know that self-harm impacts 14% to 39% of youth? In this advanced course clinicians will grow their understanding of effective interventions for youth who self-harm. Self harm is usually the result of an inability to cope in healthy ways with psychological…

Understanding Complex Trauma and Attachment

Understanding Complex Trauma and AttachmentThis training is designed for clinical staff supporting clients living with the impacts of complex trauma. Complex trauma is the result of repeated experiences of adversity in childhood (physical, sexual, and emotional abuse) without the ability to access the support of a consistent caregiver. Without access to a caregiver’s support, children…

Celebrating Bell Let’s Talk Day: Understanding Suicide Risk Interventions

Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre 656 Elizabeth Street, London

Few therapists receive training in risk reducing interventions. Do you know which interventions effectively reduce suicide risk?Celebrating Bell Let's Talk Day: Understanding Suicide Risk InterventionsWorkshop goal: Understanding effective interventions for suicide risk reduction - current research and practice. We tell people who are struggle with suicidal thoughts to go to therapy. So why are so…