NavOn Roster of Professionals

NavOn is pleased to publish a list of practitioners who have taken our specialized trainings. By searching our lists, you can locate a trained practitioner in different regions of Ontario.

Please note that NavOn does not license, supervise, or monitor the work of practitioners on our lists. These lists are meant as a helpful starting point for those looking for services.

NavOn training

Dan Ashbourne

Specialties: Psychology, VOC Trainer, CIM Trainer

Qualifications: Ph.D., C. Psych., AccFM

Areas: London and Surrounding Area

Ages: All

Jennifer Barkin

Specialties: Mediation, Social Work, Diversity, Special Needs Children

Qualifications: BA, BSW, MSW, RSW, CDC, Acc. F.M.

Areas: Toronto: GTA

Ages: All

Other languages: Intermediate Hebrew

Sherry Barrett

Specialties: MSW student; mental health

Areas: GTA

Ages: All

Kathy Batycky

Specialties: lawyer

Areas: Hamilton; halton

Ages: 10 up

Kavita Bhagat

Specialties: Lawyer

Qualifications: B.A. Psych., L.LB, L.LM., Cert. Spec. LSO, Acc. F.M. OAFM

Areas: Peel

Ages: All

Other languages: Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada

Jacqueline Bobyk-Krumins

Specialties: IPV

Qualifications: MSW RSW

Areas: Ontario

Ages: 7+

Stacey Brion

Specialties: Child Therapy, Divorce Counselling, Parenting Plans, Couples Counselling

Qualifications: Psychotherapist

Areas: Toronto

Ages: 5-18

Gail Brochu

Specialties: Adoption, Mediation, Court, Mental Health

Areas: Toronto; Peel; York

Ages: All

Other languages: French

Carolyn Brown

Specialties: Over 18 years experience interviewing and meeting with children

Qualifications: B.A., AccFM(OAFM)

Areas: Southwest Ontario

Ages: 5-17

Julie Cho

Specialties: Family Law Lawyer + Mediator

Qualifications: B.Sc (Hons), J.D. (Barrister and Solicitor)

Areas: Greater Toronto Area/York Region, Ontario

Ages: 7-16

Laura Cochrane

Specialties: Family Mediation, Child Inclusive Mediation, Voice of the Child Reports

Qualifications: B.A. (Hons), AccFM

Areas: Hamilton and surrounding area, Any area virtually

Ages: All

Sherri Cully

Specialties: Mediation, Separation Divorce, Voice of the Child, Child Inclusive Mediation

Qualifications: B.A. Psych, AccFM, FDRP. Med, VOC Practitioner

Areas: Hamilton, GTHA

Ages: 7+

Paula De Vetto

Specialties: Social Worker, Mediator, CP Mediation, OCL, Parenting Coordinator, RE-Integration Counselling, Counselling

Qualifications: MSW, RSW, Acc. F.M, CP Med.

Areas: London and surrounding area

Ages: All

Erica Eugenio

Specialties: Social Worker, Therapist, Family Mediator, VOC and VCR

Qualifications: MSW, RSW

Areas: Guelph, Virtual

Ages: All

Caroline Felstiner

Specialties: Mediation , Child Protection Mediation

Qualifications: MSW

Areas: Greater Toronto Area , Ontario

Ages: 8 years and older

Mandy Folwer

Specialties: AccFM, CPMed

Qualifications: B.A., BSW., AccFM, CPMed, VCR Practitioner

Areas: Ontario

Ages: All ages

Other languages: French

Kristen L. Hales

Specialties: Family Mediation; Family Arbitration; Family Law

Qualifications: B.A., LL.B.

Areas: ON

Ages: All

Kim Harris

Specialties: Psychology, VOC Trainer, CIM Trainer

Areas: London and Surrounding Area

Ages: All

Tina Hinsperger

Specialties: Social Worker, Family Mediator, Child-Inclusive Mediator, Clinician with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer

Qualifications: BSc, BSW, RSW, Acc FM, FDRP Med, ODR Specialist

Areas: Dufferin, Peel, Simcoe, Grey, Wellington

Ages: All

Cindy Holovac Leithead

Specialties: Family Mediator – specializing in Parenting Plans, Instructor

Qualifications: BA(Hons), M.C.A., Acc. F.M., Acc.Elder Med., CP Med., Openness in Adoption Mediator

Areas: Toronto and GTA

Ages: All

Jane Howlett

Specialties: Trained parenting coordinator, child inclusive mediator & child protection mediator

Qualifications: BSW, LLB, Acc FM, FDRP Med, CP Med

Areas: Ontario

Ages: All

Strybos Jacqueline

Specialties: Lawyer

Qualifications: Lawyer

Areas: Timmons; Cochrane; Kapuskasing; Kickland Lake; Haileybury

Ages: All

Christopher Knowles

Specialties: OCL Panel; Child Protection

Qualifications: Lawyer/OCL Panel

Areas: Essex; Lambton; Kent; LondonMiddlesex

Ages: All

Other languages: French

Daniel Lanoue

Specialties: Family Court Mediator; Social Worker; PC;

Qualifications: B.A. (Hons. Psych) M.S.W. R.S.W Acc.FM C.P.Med

Areas: OttawaCarleton, Renfrew & Lanark counties

Ages: All

Heather MacInnis

Specialties: OCL; MSW; Mediation

Areas: Toronto; Durham

Ages: All

Carolyn McAlpine

Specialties: Family mediator specializing in parenting plans, social worker, reconciliation therapy, ability to work effectively with counsel in context of mediation/court/collaborative law

Qualifications: ACC.FM,RSSW

Areas: KawarthaHaliburton, Durham and surrounding areas, Cobourg and surrounding areas

Ages: All

Shelby McCaw

Specialties: Family Mediation, Co-Parenting Coaching, CLRA Section 30 Assessments

Qualifications: B.A. Psych. Child Development Specialization, AccFM

Areas: Burlington and Oakville

Ages: All

Willow McLean

Specialties: Mediation, Family and Child Wellbeing, Social Work

Qualifications: MSW, RSW

Areas: Nova Scotia

Ages: 6-18

Shannon More

Specialties: Family Law Lawyer

Areas: Barrie; Newmarket

Ages: All

Drew Morrision

Specialties: At-Risk Youth

Qualifications: MSW, RSW, LICSW

Areas: London, Ontario

Ages: Youth

Ritika Narang

Specialties: Lawyer

Areas: n/a

Ages: 12 up

Other languages: Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi

Chantel Oshowy-Carvallo

Specialties: Legal Panel for the OCL

Qualifications: Family Lawyer

Areas: Eastern Ontario

Ages: Ages 7-18

Debra S. Rodrigues

Specialties: Social Worker, Mediator, Counsellor, VOC Trainer, CIM Trainer

Qualifications: Hons. BA/BSW, RSW, Acc. F.M., Acc. CP Med., Acc. Elder Med.

Areas: Peel, Halton, Wellington Regions

Ages: All

Sandi Sherk

Specialties: Counselling; private practitioner

Qualifications: MSW, RSW

Areas: Cambridge; KitchenerWaterloo; Brantford; Woodstock; Stratford; HaldimandNorfolk; Dundas

Ages: 7 and up

Aubrey J. Sherman

Specialties: Family/Divorce Mediation; Child-Inclusive Mediation; Intergenerational (Elder) Mediation; Online Dispute Resolution

Qualifications: B.A., LL.B., AccFM, AccIM, CODR, Certs. Mediation/Conflict Management – Harvard Law School PON & Conrad Grebel University College/University of Waterloo

Areas: Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, London – Available online throughout Ontario

Ages: All

Gabbi Silverberg

Specialties: Social worker, trauma, high conflict, CAS and mental health

Qualifications: BA, BSW, RSW

Areas: GTA Ontario

Ages: 7 and up

Age Smies

Specialties: Parenting and Education Planning, New Ways for Life and New Ways for Families

Qualifications: CD, MMus, BEd, AccFM, CPMed, FGC, Openness Adoption Specialist, QMed

Areas: Kawarthas, Hastings County, Northumberland, Peterborough, Durham and online

Ages: n/a

Kerry Strabac

Specialties: Clinical Social Worker, Private Practice

Qualifications: B.A, B.Comm, B.Ed, BSW, MSW

Areas: Hamilton, Niagara, GTA

Ages: All

Jane Thurber

Specialties: Lawyer

Areas: Kingston; Belleville; Napanee; Brockville; Perth

Ages: All

Ann Tichelaar Swerdfeger

Specialties: Child therapy, Family therapy

Qualifications: ECE, MA, RP

Areas: Southwestern Ontario

Ages: 5-18 years

Janet Trichilo

Specialties: Exp. Children; special needs; at risk youth

Areas: Barrie; Collingwood; Wasga; Bradford; Orillia

Ages: All

Eric Vallillee

Specialties: Family Law, Children's Law, OCL, Separation/Divorce, Child Protection and Adoption

Qualifications: B.A. (Law), J.D. Barrister & Solicitor (LSO/Ont)

Areas: London, St. Thomas, and Southwest Ontario

Ages: All

Julie Verbitsky

Specialties: adolescents; diversity; mental health

Areas: Hamilton Area

Ages: All

Juanita Wilson

Specialties: Psychotherapist Clinical Social Worker

Qualifications: RSW CCC

Areas: MB

Ages: All


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