Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)



NavOn offers comprehensive FASD assessments for children, youth, and adults that follow the Canadian Guidelines for FASD Diagnosis Across the Lifespan. These assessments are multi-disciplinary; our team includes a physician, a psychologist, and a speech and language pathologist. Our team takes a strength-based approach to every assessment as we believe it is important for each unique individual to understand their skills and abilities, as well as the areas of functioning that need support.

What is the process?

The FASD assessment is done in two phases: screening and assessment. In Phase 1 screening we gather information about pre-natal alcohol exposure through clinical interviews and by reviewing previous clinical assessments and relevant documents. Phase 1 may take up to 5 hours. At the completion of Phase 1, we provide verbal feedback and a letter outlining recommended next steps. One recommendation may be to complete a multidisciplinary assessment (Phase 2) to consider a diagnosis of FASD.

Phase 2 assessment includes three components:

  • Psychological Assessment examining cognition, executive functioning, adaptive behaviour, memory, attention, academic achievement, and mood/affect regulation;
  • Speech and Language Assessment, and;
  • Physical/Medical Assessment that includes a comprehensive health/medical history.

Each client will have a specialized case manager who helps them navigate through the different parts of the assessment.

What is the cost?

The fee for Phase 1 screening is $1325 with half of the screening cost billed prior to the first appointment and the rest is billed at the end prior to feedback.

The fee for Phase 2 is determined at completion of Phase 1 and can be up to $4000 with half paid prior to the first assessment appointment and the rest billed at the end prior to feedback. The cost of Phase 2 depends on whether any previous assessments have been completed. If previous assessments have been completed recently, then NavOn will not repeat the assessment and the fees will be adjusted accordingly.

In some circumstances, it may be possible for child, youth, or adult clients to proceed directly to Phase 2. Typically, this occurs if confirmation of prenatal alcohol exposure has already been obtained.

NavOn accepts payment by e-transfer, cheque, credit card (2.4% surcharge applies for credit card payments).

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