Mental Health and Risk Evalua­tions



NavOn provides evaluations for Courts and social service agencies when there is a concern about a person’s mental health or to predict future behaviour. These assessments are usually done to help judges, lawyers, and service providers better understand a person’s strengths and needs for the purposes of rehabilitation or service planning.

What is the process?

A Mental Health or Risk Evaluation requires the consent of the individual and typically takes 2 months and involves 3 to 4 appointments. During these appointments, the person completes in-depth clinical interviews as well as standardized measures of mental health and personality. If there are questions about risk, then measures designed to predict future behaviour will also be completed. When there is a legal component to the assessment, a review of a wide range of documents is required and may include those from healthcare providers, police, and certain court records.

What is the cost?

Mental Health and Risk Evaluations are typically estimated at $5000 but could cost more or less depending on the complexity of the case. NavOn requires a $200 non-refundable fee for administrative purposes at the time of referral to begin coordinating the case.

NavOn accepts payment by e-transfer, cheque, or credit card (2.4% surcharge applies for credit card payments).

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