Mental Health Evaluation



Are you wondering if you might have a mental health issue? An assessment may help determine whether your symptoms are consistent with a mental health condition. Equipped with a better understanding of yourself or even a diagnosis, you can start to get the support you need and get access to services to improve your mental wellness and resilience.

What is the process?

Mental Health assessments usually require about 3 appointments where a clinical interview and standardized measure of mental health and personality are completed. Relevant documents from other healthcare providers may also be reviewed. A feedback meeting is held to share the results of the assessment, followed by a comprehensive report that includes recommendations.

What is the cost?

Costs for a mental assessment are typically estimated at $3000. Half of the assessment cost is billed prior to the first appointment and the rest is billed at the end prior to feedback.

NavOn accepts payment by e-transfer, cheque, credit card (2.4% surcharge applies for credit card payments).

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