Parenting Coordina­tion



Co-parenting is hard and life with children is ever changing. Parenting Coordination helps parents who are separated and divorced implement a parenting plan, where parenting time and decision making have already been decided.

A parenting coordinator may help with time sharing arrangements during holidays and summer, travel, facilitating exchanges, sorting out extra-curricular activities, school-related decisions, or monitoring compliance with a parenting plan. When parents cannot come to a resolution, the parenting coordinator will make a recommendation for the parents to follow.

Parenting coordinators have specialized training and hold children at the centre of their work. They often serve an education role with parents, providing information about child development or strategies to improve co-parent communication and minimize conflict.

FAQ: What is the difference between mediation and parent coordination?

Mediation helps parents develop a parenting plan and sort out finances. Parent Coordination is for when a plan is already in place, but the family needs help with minor or temporary adjustments to the plan or when parts of the plan are not clear.

What is the cost?

NavOn uses a retainer model for separation and divorce services. This means that a payment is made in advance and as the work is done, the money in the retainer is used. If there is money left in the retainer at the end of service, this is returned.

It is difficult to know how much a service will cost because every family situation is different. Our fees are $225 per hour and the costs are often shared between the parents. For parenting coordination, a non-refundable administration fee of $200 is required to begin coordinating the services for your family. We require a retainer of about $5000 for Parenting Coordination and this will usually allow for about 3-6 months of service.

NavOn accepts payment by e-transfer, cheque, or credit card (2.4% surcharge applies for credit card payments). A monthly accounting of the status of the retainer will be provided.

Mental health providers are not paid by the Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP). However, because we are psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers, the costs for these services can sometimes be offset.

  • If you are employed, you may have coverage as part of your benefits. Even if you do not have benefits at your place of work, you can purchase extended health coverage through several insurance companies.
  • If you are a veteran or a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, you may have coverage.
  • Depending on your situation you may also be eligible for financial support through the Victim Quick Response Program, Jordan’s Principle, or the Non-insured Health Benefits Program.

We will work with you to provide documentation needed for insurance companies or other financial support services.

Get started

Our team will answer your questions about NavOn services, and provide information needed to make a referral.

Parenting Coordination can be recommended by an arbitrator, judge, or parents can refer themselves. Both parents must agree to the referral. For families in Court, a meeting with all of the involved lawyers at the same time is often needed to better understand how NavOn can be most helpful to assist the family to move forward. NavOn does not charge a fee for this initial meeting.