Parenting Plan Evalua­tions



A Parenting Plan Evaluation is an independent assessment of a family following separation and divorce. This specialized assessment makes recommendations to assist parents, lawyers, and the Court in deciding on parenting time and decision-making responsibilities that are in the best interests of the children. Most parenting plan evaluations are ordered by the Court, under Section 30 of the Children’s Law Reform Act, but parents can also request an assessment directly from NavOn.

At NavOn, we work in a multidisciplinary team to provide families with a comprehensive assessment that meets Best Practice guidelines. Families are complex and the team approach ensures that many views are considered. Most families will meet primarily with a highly skilled masters or doctoral level assessor who does not work for either parent/guardian and strives with the highest integrity to adopt a neutral and unbiased focus. Other team members may be involved through observation, discussion, supervision, or directly with family members.

What is the cost?

NavOn uses a retainer model for separation and divorce services. This means that a payment is made in advance and as the work is done, the money in the retainer is used. If there is money left in the retainer at the end of service, this is returned.

It is difficult to know how much a service will cost because every family situation is different. Please call or email our office for a quote (we do not charge for this). For Parenting Plan Evaluations, a non-refundable administration fee of $200 is required to begin coordinating the services for the family.

NavOn accepts payment by e-transfer, credit card (2.4% surcharge applies for credit card payments). A monthly accounting of the status of the retainer will be provided.

Get started

Our team will answer your questions about NavOn services, and provide information needed to make a referral.

Parents can agree to have a parenting plan evaluation on their own but typically these are Court-ordered. For families in court, a meeting with all of the involved lawyers at the same time is often needed to better understand how NavOn can be most helpful to assist the family to move forward. NavOn does not charge a fee for this initial meeting.