FASD: A Primer on Neuro­science and Epi­genetics

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This presentation provides a summary of cutting-edge research on the genetic and epigenetic etiology of FASD. This presentation is conducted in partnership with a basic science researcher describing a current innovation in neuroscience. Animal studies illuminating the impacts of timing and dosage of alcohol of the development fetus as well as the role of fathers in neurodevelopmental outcomes will be reviewed. Through discussion between a neuroscientist and a FASD-informed clinician, participants will come to understand the implications of the latest research for their practice and deepen their understanding of meaningful work in FASD communities.

This workshop will help participants to understand:

  • Major themes in neuroscience research on FASD.
  • Emerging science on epigenetics in FASD.
  • Examples of basic science research and bridges to clinical work and practice.
  • Potential paternal contributions to prenatal development and FASD.