FASD and the Justice System

NavOn training


This interactive presentation provides an overview of justice system involvement for individuals with FASD. Topics include why those with FASD are more likely to come into conflict with the law and opportunities to address this disproportionality and support those with FASD in making positive changes. This presentation will also discuss recidivism as well as high risk behaviour including sexual behaviour for some individuals with FASD. Safety planning and effective management strategies will be explored. After reviewing current research and clinical best practices, participants will also have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills through case examples.

This workshop will help participants to:

  • Understand the risk factors that contribute to individuals with FASD having greater contact with police and more entrenched involvement in the justice system.
  • Learn different approaches for preventing justice system involvement.
  • Gain knowledge and skills for advocating for individuals once in the justice system.
  • Appreciate the impact of FASD for the development of high behaviours including inappropriate sexual behaviour.