FASD: Resources and Transition Planning

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Current knowledge of resources available in the community is critical when supporting parents/caregivers or individuals with suspected/diagnosed FASD. In this workshop, participants will be guided through a service map that identifies FASD specific programs/services as well as other resources that have been shown to be helpful for this population. A case study will allow attendees to apply new and existing knowledge and understand the unique challenges faced by those living with the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure. A particular focus of this workshop will be on planning for transitional aged youth using local tools and technological innovations. A discussion of gaps in services will allow participants to reflect on how our societal and political norms and assumptions about PAE have negatively impacted the FASD community.

This workshop will help participants to:

  • Attain current knowledge of supports and services for individuals with suspected/diagnosed FASD and their families.
  • Analyze a client situation and design effective case management including referrals to appropriate programs/services that will support their needs.
  • Understand general transition challenges for individuals with FASD and enhance skills to create and implement a transition plan with clients.
  • Learn about the gaps in service for this population and determine alternatives.