How to Be an FASD-Informed Clinician

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Becoming a truly FASD-informed clinician requires us not just to acquire knowledge about neurodevelopmental disorders, but to truly integrate the neurodevelopmental philosophy/approach into every aspect of our practice and workplace. Doing so successfully results in more effective assessments and interventions with families, and stronger clinical relationships with clients and communities. This unique workshop will assist professionals in identifying aspects of their practice that work well to support those with suspected/diagnosed FASD. Presenters in this interactive workshop will share their journey from standard clinical practice to one that considers neurodiversity and brain-behaviour relationships in all of their clinical interactions. Through case examples, self-reflective exercises, and small group discussions, service providers will leave this workshop with strategies and future directions for integrating existing knowledge and skills with neurobehavioural approaches to better meet the needs of their clients with FASD.

This workshop will help participants:

  • Engage in self-reflective practice and inventory existing key skills in working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Develop a long-term plan for professional development that considers neurodiversity and FASD specifically.
  • Understand how different clinical interactions reflect brain-based symptoms and behaviours.
  • Consider opportunities for working differently rather than working harder to meet the needs of clients with suspected/diagnosed FASD.