Suicide Preven­tion: Founda­tions

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The ability to recognize and effectively intervene with suicidal individuals is one of the most challenging aspects of crisis intervention. This course is designed for those without formal mental health training. This session will increase awareness of suicide and equip participants with skills to respond to those at risk. Discussions, demonstrations, and scenarios will be used to facilitate learning.

Training Objectives:

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Have the capacity to examine suicide from both an individual and systemic level.
  • Understand the role of therapeutic rapport/alliance.
  • Understand the impact of societal attitudes/stigma about suicide.
  • Review risk and protective factors.
  • Be able to conceptualize risk and be familiar with current research related to risk.
  • Recognize and explore suicidal ideation.
  • Learn strategies to respond to those at risk and connecting to the appropriate level of service.
  • Be able to build, document and communicate a client-centred safety plan.