Voice of the Child Reports

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Did you know that a child has a right to have their voice heard when important decisions are being made about them? When parents separate, involving children in family decision-making can be a complex exercise and must be approached with great sensitivity and care. A Voice of the Child Report may be helpful in obtaining the children’s views and preferences.

Voice of the Child (VoC) Reports training will provide you with the tools and practical skills lawyers and mental health professionals need to conduct Voice of the Child (VOC) Reports and elevate the child’s voice for parents and decision-makers in Court or in Family Dispute Resolution.

Learn how to interview children for the purpose of obtaining children’s views and preferences to be able to offer this unique service in family law cases, family dispute resolution, and child protection cases.

Training Objectives:

  • Discover the 12-step VOC process
  • Learn critical and pertinent concepts in child development, children’s communication, and children’s special needs
  • Understand parent readiness
  • Develop strategies for risk mitigation and managing the process
  • Hear about the legislation, guidelines, and research that support the work