Family Therapy



Family therapy begins with the idea that a family is a “system” and everyone in the family needs to work together to heal following trauma or to change a system that isn’t working to make it better for everyone. Goals of family therapy are usually about improving communication, identifying, understanding, and solving family problems, coping with difficulties, and creating a better functioning family environment.

We use a team approach for family therapy. Each family is connected to a case manager who matches the therapeutic team with family members and a lead therapist who works with the family toward their goals. Other team members may be involved through observation, discussion, supervision, or directly with family members. Families are complex and the team approach ensures that many views are considered to make a plan so that everyone is walking their path toward the same destination.

We also offer specialized family therapy to work through parent-child contact problems following separation and divorce or long periods of absence (e.g., military deployment, hospitalization, imprisonment) or to blend new family systems. Please view our services for child, youth, and families coping with separation and divorce.

How much does it cost?

Fees for family therapy are $225 per clinical hour (50 minutes). Each session typically lasts 2 clinical hours. The number of appointments needed varies by family.

Within 24 hours after an appointment, NavOn will provide an invoice by email. The invoice can be paid by e-transfer or credit card. It is also possible to pay by cheque or cash and to receive a paper-based invoice – please let us know in advance if cheque or cash is the preferred payment method.

Mental health providers are not paid by the Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP). However, many people can see a psychologist, psychotherapist, or social worker for no cost or very little cost.

  • If you are employed, you may have coverage or partial coverage as part of your benefits. Even if you do not have benefits at your place of work, you can purchase extended health coverage through a number of insurance companies.
  • If you are a veteran or a member of the Canadian Armed Forces you may have coverage.
  • Depending on your situation you may also be eligible for financial support through the Victim Quick Response Program, Jordan’s Principle, or the Non-insured Health Benefits Program.

We will work with you to provide any documentation needed for insurance companies or other financial support services.

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