Mental Health and Risk Evalua­tions

Risk evaluations for court, lawyers, service providers. Rehabilitation or service plans. Assessments for domestic violence & violence & sexual violence.

Immigra­tion Assess­ments

Immigration assessments for psychological symptoms or disorders for Immigration & Refugee Board. Mental health assessments for immigration to Canada.

Mental Health Evaluation

Mental health symptoms evaluation assessment for mental health condition diagnosis. Get a mental health evaluation for mental health support and services.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Austism Spectrum Disorder assessments for children, youth, & adults. Autism symptoms in children. Autism symptoms in adults. Get an autism diagnosis.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

Comprehensive multi-disciplinary FASD assessments for children, youth, & adults that follow the Canadian Guidelines for FASD Diagnosis Across the Lifespan.

Learning and ADHD

Assessments for children, youth, and adults. ADHD and learning disabilities. Psychoeducational assessment. ADHD in adults. Get an ADHD assessment.

Individual Therapy for Adults

Therapy for adults with mental health issues, help for adults who experienced trauma, support with interpersonal relationships, & more.