Individual Service Providers

Child Inclusive Mediation

In this advanced course, family mediators develop the specialized knowledge and practical skills necessary to elevate the authentic Voice of the Child in mediation.

Voice of the Child Reports

Voice of the Child Reports training will provide you with the tools and practical skills lawyers and mental health professionals need to conduct VOC reports and elevate the child’s voice for parents and decision-makers in Court or in Family Dispute Resolution.

Suicide Post­vention

NavOn’s training focuses on community/organizational mobilization and clinical skills for service providers who support youth and families in the aftermath of suicide.

FASD in Classrooms: A Brain- and Strengths-Based Workshop for Educators

A three-part webinar series inspired by universal design for learning principles designed to equip school staff with simple strategies that are essential for students with FASD and beneficial for all learners.

Building a Deeper Understanding of Self-harm

In this advanced course, clinicians will grow their understanding of effective interventions for youth who self-harm.

FASD and the Justice System

Training on FASD individuals and the justice system. Training on how to address the needs of FASD individuals in the justice system & support for FASD.

FASD: Resources and Transition Planning

Learn about FASD programs, supports, services, & service alternatives. Barriers to service. Learn skills to create a transition plan for FASD clients.

FASD: A Primer on Neuro­science and Epi­genetics

Learn major themes in neuroscience research & emerging science on epigenetics & bridges to clinical work & practice in this training on FASD.

How to Be an FASD-Informed Clinician

Training and workshops to enhance professional practice for FASD. Best practice in FASD. What work well to support those with suspected/diagnosed FASD.

FASD: Screening and Assess­ment

Identify and screen for FASD. Learn tools & best practices for interviewing about alcohol. FASD diagnosis. Help clients with FASD in planning next steps.